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  • Carita continues to grow in size, volume and value of exports. The unique combination of
    flavour, climate and proximity to global markets has made Jamaica such an exciting place
    for me to invest in my business. The global demand for local products has allowed us to
    add multiple streams of income and potential growth for expansion. With the assistance
    of JAMPRO our company has been able to tap into markets which would not have been
    possible for us to access on our own.

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Export is a crucial part of Jamaica’s history, its present and certainly its future. Our Jamaican exporters are at the heart of our success story at JAMPRO and consistently accrue benefits to the nation’s economy.

International Trade

Food Export


Food Export


Beverage & Tobacco Export


Animal & Vegetable Oils & Fats Export


Fuel & Chemical


Mineral Fuel Export

Grew from US$172.9M (2016) to US$280.2 (2018)

Chemical Export

grew from US$25.7M in 2015 to US$42.6M in 2018

Crude Material (excl. fuel) Export

grew from US$556M in 2016 to US$1.1B in 2018
Manufactured Goods

Manufactured Goods


Manufactured Goods Export


Machinery & Transportation Equipment

(2016- 2020)

Misc. Manufactured Articles Export