Manufacturing is the pulse of our economy

Key Indicators

US$ 1.2


US$ 624.5



Thanks to our strong manufacturing history, the sector has consistently achieved  between 8 and 9% of GDP, over the last few years. In fact, of all the goods-producing sectors, manufacturing is the second largest contributor to the economy.

With over 300 companies in the sector that are engaged in a diverse array of manufacturing activities, many global and local leading brands who are synonymous with excellence are proudly made in Jamaica, by Jamaican producers.

Our manufacturing sector is divided into two main categories – traditional and non-traditional.

Traditional manufactured goods include sugar, rum, coffee, cocoa products, and citrus products. While, non-traditional goods include beverages, chemicals, apparel, furniture, building materials and petroleum products.

We Keep Growing


Growing Enterprises

There’s an emerging presence of electronics assembly and fabrication enterprises the sector.

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Growing Incentives

Our Government continues to develop key legislation and incentives to stimulate agricultural growth.

Growing Brand Recognition

Many of Jamaica’s manufacturing brands are recognized internationally.

We’re in Demand

Strategic location

We are ideally located on air and sea routes for high value niche manufacturing and assembly operations.

Market access

Our location and multilateral trade agreements grant access to move goods and services to markets.

Supportive business climate

We offer attractive business incentives and our local industry is supported by public and private sector stakeholders.

Near-shore Solution

Jamaica is a destination of choice to move facilities and sources of supply closer to end-markets.


We can accommodate large post-Panamax vessels and maintain our sophisticated road networks, three international airports and transportation systems.

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Skilled and available labour pool

Our large educated, English-speaking and skilled workforce is competitively priced.

Investment Opportunities

Medical Devices 718px X 603px_EDITED

Medical Devices

Produce medical disposables and medical equipment.



Cultivate, process, transport, and retail medicinal products derived from cannabis.



Produce beverages, fruit jams, liqueurs, sauces, spices, nutraceuticals, biofuel, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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Furniture & Building Materials

Produce cement, limestone aggregates, pre-fabricated building systems, expandable polystyrene systems, and other products.

Bamboo Paper Products 718px X 603px (1)_EDITED

Paper Products

Produce paper from raw materials such as grass and bamboo.

Chemical Sector 718px X 603px_EDITED

Chemicals sector

Produce Over the Counter pharmaceuticals, medical cannabis products, cosmetics and industrial and household Chemicals.

Non Equity Mode 718px X 603px_EDITED

Non-equity Modes (NEMs)

Invest in non-equity modes of international production that can yield significant economic benefits.

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We incentivise largescale manufacturer through capital allowances, tax credits and inputs of raw materials.

Assembly_Fabrication 718px X 603px_EDITED


Produce fitting and remanufacturing of parts and machinery for storage, assembly and distribution.


  • I started Ettenio with 9 hair care products, and in 7 years I have grown to a full line of 66 bath and body, skincare, and hair care products. By using the excellent natural ingredients that are available to us in Jamaica, and committing to product development that serves our customers, not ourselves, I believe we will continue to advance and be more successful in the future. There will always be challenges, but I love doing business in Jamaica and I encourage anyone who wants a new opportunity in a vibrant market to try it.