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Renewable Energy2

Growing New Projects

Three new projects were successfully commissioned to develop 80MW of generating capacity from renewable power (2016).

hydro power

Growing Renewable Energy

We are securing an additional 100MW of renewable energy, 45MW of waste to energy and 30MW of hydro power (2017).


Growing Energy Policy

We are unearthing numerous investment opportunities in petroleum coke (petcoke), coal, natural gas and renewables.

We're in Demand!

Energy Policy

Energy Policy and Diversification

Jamaica’s energy policy and diversification, is ranked no. 1 in the English-speaking Caribbean and 92nd globally (Global Energy Architecture Performance Index, 2017).

Renewable Energy

In less than a decade the renewable energy supply has grown to over 13% (2020)

Energy Projection

Energy Projection

By 2030, Jamaica’s renewable energy is expected to increase to 30%.

Natural Gas

Jamaica’s unique energy framework allows investors to source their own fuels for projects which has helped industries such as sugar and mining.

Investment Opportunities


Electric Power Generation

Generate electricity from renewable resources for the national grid.

Energy Supply 718px X 603px_Edited

Energy Supply

Supply energy at lower costs to the Jamaican consumer and heavy industries in a growing economy.

Fuel Crops

Fuel Crops

Import, grow and harvest fuel crops.



Explore commercial finds of oil and gas by drilling in exploration wells. There is evidence of the presence of hydrocarbons.

Trading iN Fuels 718px X 603px-Edit

Trading in Fuels

Distribute LNG, processing end of life motor oil, waste to biodiesel and oil crops (e.g. castor oil) and produce ethanol.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Private sector companies can explore joint ventures and financing to generate energy for their consumption.

Important Note: All energy related projects are undertaken strictly through a bidding process coordinated by the Jamaican Government. All tenders are processed through the Generation Procurement Entity (GPE), an entity under the Ministry of Science, Energy & Technology (MSET).


  • Bruce Levy  President &CEO
    On our initial trip to Jamaica in 2012, we saw the opportunity to positively impact
    economic development via lower cost, renewable energy. JAMPRO was as asset in getting
    our company started and also by providing connections with the necessary regulatory,
    government and private sector organizations. BMR Jamaica Wind Limited’s 36.3MW wind
    park has now been operating for over 3 successful years and we are excited about our
    plans to expand our business here with further investment as Jamaica aggressively
    progresses toward 50% renewables by 2030
    Bruce Levy President &CEO
    Blue Mountain Renewables
  • Angella Rainford
    We found Jamaica to be a welcoming environment for investment in its energy sector. It’s
    key stakeholders and decisionmakers have made significant efforts to enhance
    transparency in the market and also to protect the sanctity of contract. These efforts have
    bolstered investor confidence in Jamaica. The renewable energy sector has a promising
    future in Jamaica. With its wealth of renewable energy sources, such as solar, combined
    with future technological and cost improvements, Jamaica has significant room for growth
    in this sector. Current renewable penetration is <10% and the government has set an
    achievable target of >30% renewable penetration by 2030
    Angella Rainford
    Eight Rivers Energy