Attractive fiscal incentives


The Jamaican Government leverages a suite of incentives to provide attractive fiscal benefits to our investors. These incentives are deeply entrenched in legislation, which give investors peace of mind.

Omnibus Tax Incentives

Reduce Corporate Income Tax


Access 30% employment tax credit when you file your taxes in full and on time


Claim 100% tax credit when you pay statutory taxes in full and on time

Capital Allowance

Access capital allowance on industrial properties when you submit your annual returns

o Loss Carry Forwards

Carry forward up to 50% of your losses into the following tax year

Reduce Stamp Duty


Manufacturing or agricultural companies may receive Value Added Tax (VAT) or General Consumption Tax (GCT) relief

o Loss Carry Forwards

Registered manufacturers may receive 50% discount on Customs Administration fees and a deferment on GCT

Avoid import costs and stamp duties on specific items through the Productive Inputs Relief (PIR).

Companies operating in… Register with the…
Tourism & Attraction Sectors Ministry of Tourism

Manufacturing Sector Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce 

Agriculture Sector Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce

Creative Industries Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport

Health Sector Ministry of Health & Wellness

Special Economic Zone


In Jamaica, a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a specific geographical area in which the business and trade laws are different from the rest of Jamaica.

Through the Special Economic Zones Act, approved SEZ developers enjoy a range of incentives, including:

Tax Relief for Headquarter Operation


Establish your HQ in Jamaica and get exempted from Personal Income Tax for expatriate employees:


Employ more than 29% of Jamaicans in your operations


Execute supervision and management of company operation

• Average Exchange Rate yesno

Execute centralized treasury management and funding activities, among others.

Tax Exemption for Junior Stock Market Listing


Companies listed on the Junior Stock Exchange are automatically exempted from:


100% of Corporate Income Tax in the first 5 years from the date of admission to the Junior Market.


50% of the Corporate Income Tax in the following five (5) years.


No application is required, once the company is listed on the Junior Stock Exchange

Tax Relief for Designated Development Areas

‘Companies which undertake development within the designated Special Development Areas, may benefit from:

Capital Allowance

Urban Renewal Bonds

Employment Tax Credit (ETC)

33.3% investment tax credit

at_kearney copy 2

tax free rental income

at_kearney copy 3

exemption from transfer tax and stamp duties on the ‘improved’ property.

Tax Relief for Bauxite and Alumina Industries


Recognized bauxite & alumina producers can benefit from:

import some items

Import duty concessions on lubricating oils, grease and other related chemicals, except petrol.

Employment Tax Credit (ETC)

Exemptions on import duties and Value Added Tax -General Consumption Tax on productive inputs.


Exemptions on other port related taxes and charges, when importing productive inputs