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Hands down, we have a leading global tourism brand

Key Indicators


US$ 1.2




FDI inflows
US$ 2.1




Across the globe, the word Jamaica stimulates images of beautiful turquoise sea, white sand beaches, brilliant sunshine and vibrant people. Our global personality and influence radiate well beyond our size, and when it comes to tourism, our unique appeal and brand attributes are second to none.

It is therefore no surprise that Jamaica’s tourism industry continues to experience growth in the face of increasing competition. The accommodation segment of the industry has attracted a high level of foreign direct investment (FDI). Market leaders such as Sandals, Marriott International, Bahia Principe, Palace Resorts, Iberostar Group, Karisma Hotels, AM Resorts and RIU have significant presence on the island.

In addition to leisure, we welcome business travellers for conferences, corporate events and trade shows.

We Keep Growing

Growing Visitor Arrivals

We’ve had a 43% growth in visitor arrivals in the last decade since 2009,  and that number keeps rising.

Growing Awards

Jamaica is the leading destination in the Caribbean with over 20 awards annually and is also the World’s Leading Beach Destination (2018).

Growing Rooms

Total room count stands at 29,664 rooms (2022) island-wide, ranging from economical lodging to boutique hotels and luxurious resorts.

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Growing Revenues

The attractions and entertainment sector yield over US$340 million annually.


Growing Investment

Unprecedented investor interest in hotel and resort development, with 8,000 new rooms at varying stages of development and planning. Five thousand (5000) of these to be realised by 2025

Growing Timeshare Properties

Recent timeshare regulations allow for the development of timeshare properties.

We're in Demand!

Tourism Leaders

We are the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination 14 times in a row (World Travel Award).

Leading Hotels

Jamaica is home to several leading global hotel chains and is able to host large scale conferences at the Jamaica Conference Centre (Kingston) and the Montego Bay Convention Centre (Montego Bay).

Strong Connectivity

Air connectivity continues to grow with Frontier Airlines adding new routes and American Airlines increasing flights to Jamaica.

Global Appeal

We have breathtakingly beautiful scenery, rich culture, world-class accommodation and vibrant people.

Diverse Attractions

From river tubing, hiking, ziplining through the mountains to historical attractions- we have it all.


Vibrant Calendar of Events

We are a vibrant people with a calendar that’s filled with music, theatre, film and sports.

Investment Opportunities


Large-scale hotels, boutique hotels and city hotel investment opportunities are available.

Entertainment and Sports Tourism

Perfect for hosting music and food festivals, as well as sporting events.

Eco-tourism attractions and resorts

The eastern end of the island is prime for eco-tourism resorts with soft adventure, hiking trails and zip-line rides.

Medical & Wellness Tourism

Establish diagnostic facilities, general hospital facilities, spas and specialized facilities to cater to the medical tourist.

Casino Gaming

The recent Casino Gaming Act adds new dimensions to Jamaica’s dynamic tourism industry.

Timeshare Vacation Ownership

Potential investors can acquire future vacations at current market prices.


  • Jamaica is not just a beautiful island, with amazing people, stunning nature, rich in culture
    and a tasty gastronomy, but also a great place to do business. This is the reason more
    than 3000 of our world-class leisure rooms are in this marquee destination. One great
    brand deserves another!
    RIU Group
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