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Key Indicators


US$ 1.2


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Jamaica is fertile ground for agribusiness! The increasing demand for high-quality Jamaican fresh produce globally, an expansive local market (including over 4mn tourists annually) and the country’s proximity to key export markets, are all ingredients to Jamaica’s lucrative agribusiness sector.

For Jamaica, we know that new millennium agricultural landscape is one of diversification, niche marketing and value-added products. With an enormous 4,440,000 hectares of agriculture land, a wide array of premium non-traditional crops, thriving animal husbandry, fish farming activities and value-added food manufacturing, our agribusiness sector continues to reap great rewards for our investors. Discover more about our agribusiness sector.

We Keep Growing

Growing GDP Contribution

Jamaica’s agribusiness sector contributed US $1.207 billion to the GDP (2021).

Growing Export

Exported agricultural products and processed foods earned US$413.524 million (2021).

Growing Agro-Park

Our Agro- Park initiative integrates all facets of the agricultural value chain- from pre-production, production, post-harvesting to marketing. 

Growing Yam Export

Jamaica is one of the largest exporters of yam in the world.

Growing Recognition

Jamaican pimento is globally recognized for its impressive 4% essential oil content.

We're in Demand!

Strategic Location

Proximity to key markets such as the United States, Canada, Central and South America.


Internal Market

Our large domestic market and 4 million visiting tourists require a steady supply of fresh produce.

External Market

There’s a global demand for high quality authentic Jamaican produce.

Unique Flavour Profiles

Home to premium Jamaican crops that are rated among the best in the world.

Ideal Climatic Conditions

We have a variety of “mini-climates” to nurture tropical crops and those suited to cooler climates.

Preferential Market Access

Jamaica’s exports benefit from preferential market access to several countries across the world.

Investment Opportunities


Contract joint venture opportunities to produce crops all year round and bio-technology and organic farming.


Produce beverages, fruit jams, liqueurs, sauces, confectionery, seasonings, spices, nutraceuticals, biofuel, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Expansion of shrimp and fresh water fish to meet the demand of the local market.

Prime investment areas

Irrigation projects along the south coast, among others.


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