Do Business Jamaica



We know our focus sectors inside-out.


The secret is out! Jamaica is the top business destination in the English-speaking Caribbean.

As a nation, we stand proudly on a history that’s replete with satisfied investors and outstanding investment wins. Today, it’s evident that we’ve continued to build on that legacy, as a quick glance across our investment landscape will reveal hundreds of leading multi-nationals, medium-sized companies and even small enterprises choosing to establish their business operations on the island; some of whom are in a constant cycle of re- investment.

Our strong investment climate is firmly supported by our eight focus sectors. These along with a diversified market economy and strong governmental backing, keep our investors happy.


We grow quality, authenticity, innovation and uniqueness


We are a powerhouse for modernisation, efficiency and sustainability

Film | Animation | Music

Our Creativity is endless and future-proof

Global Digital Services

We are the #1 outsourcing destination in the Caribbean

Logistics and Infrastructure

We are ideally connected to the world


Manufacturing is the pulse of our economy


We unearth bauxite, limestone and precious investment wins


Hands down, we have a leading global tourism brand

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