Meet Our Executive Team

Excellence is at the heart of what we do!

We go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs

At JAMPRO, our creative, dynamic and knowledgeable team has been the wheel behind our success.

Our day-to-day operations are directed by our President who is supported by four Vice Presidents organized around the following functional divisions:

Shullette Cox

President (Acting)

President’s Division

We guide the strategic direction and operations of the organization and manage stakeholder relationships both locally and internationally. We also develop, manage and promote corporate efficiency initiatives within our organization.

Gabriel Heron

Vice President, Marketing


We foster growth of the Jamaican economy and the enhancement of JAMPRO’s corporate image using creative and cutting-edge marketing initiatives that increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Gail Barret

Vice President, Research, Advocacy and Project Implementation (Acting)

Research, Advocacy and Project Implementation

We create, identify and disseminate value-added research to inform decision making, advocate for the business environment that will grow the economy as well as implement investment projects that create jobs and inject capital expenditure into the economy.

Norman Naar

Vice President, . Sales and Promotions

Sales and Promotions

We are an innovative team who is adept at developing smart, responsible and disciplined solutions to investors, exporters and buyers that improve conversion efficiencies across all sectors.

Wendy Pryce

Vice President, Finance & Corporate Services

Finance & Corporate Services

We optimize the utilization of JAMPRO’s varied resources through prudent financial and treasury management and adherence to statutory requirements as well as provide top-notched corporate services to support efficient work plan implementation.