Susan Randall …using the Jamaica Black Castor Oil to power her products

It is no secret that the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is any cosmetologist’s dream product as its rich properties are perfect for skin, hair growth, and other benefits.

Jamaican-born Susan Randall knows that only too well and now a licensed cosmetologist, she opted to start her own business and achieving her life-long passion for beauty when the Fortune 500 company she worked with for nearly 20 years closed its doors.

With the acquired skills of a logistics manager, Randall opened Bersubriz Hair Studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey and later developed NBI- an effective yet affordable high quality hair and skin care product line for men, women, and children.

Randall who hails from Kingston knows first-hand the value of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil– its healing, rejuvenating and restorative properties for the skin and hair as it has been used by many in rural Jamaica for generations.

“I started a quest to create my own natural hair care and skincare line with the black castor oil being the base.  My challenge was that black castor oil in its natural form was unpleasant due to its colour, thickness and aroma,” she shared with

The solution was to develop an effective, inviting and mildly fragrant product line with enhancements to bring out healthier and more beautiful hair and skin with an aroma that has consistently been described as ‘yummy’.

Commenting on her product line she said the natural ingredients facilitate easy absorption and use.

“The line used by men, women, and children enhances the circulation of blood in the scalp, treat chronic dry scalp, flaking, thinning hair, promotes rapid growth of healthy thick hair, and restores body and sheen to a bouncy healthy hair regardless of ethnicity,” she shared.

Starting her own company, Randall said she had the usual anxieties most entrepreneurs face.

“I was not fearful, but anxious about how long it would take for consumers to buy-in to its benefits,” she confessed.

But those worries have now been eliminated by the overwhelming positive feedback she has been receiving from users.

“When I hear the results people have gotten from using the products, healing of chronic skin conditions, healthier hair, I know I’m doing something right. One customer, who buys the product for her grandson who has eczema, says it’s the only thing that works for him,” she said.

Although she is not where she would ideally like be in terms of business growth, Randall said she is happy that her products boast numerous returning customers, who are not only clients, but also engage in grassroots marketing helping her to introduce the line in neighboring towns.

She admits though, that like countless other entrepreneurs, she has been fortunate to see her dream realized. It doesn’t, however, comes without challenges like those faced with business expansion.

“Marketing remains a major hurdle, additionally while I have a background in logistics; it too is a challenge as well as gaining access to international markets. The hurdles I face are not an anomaly as many startups do face these same hurdles,” she said.

The difference for her is that, while many may get frustrated and throw in the towel, giving up on the market, or take the safer route of acquisition by conglomerates with existing name and product recognition, she said she has used every means to ‘trod along’.

“NBI has utilized every possible medium available to market its product line; internet, street fairs, beauty supply stores, direct sales, etc.  Yet access to major marketing entities remains its biggest challenge,” shared Randall.

Another challenge for the entrepreneur who is trying to wave Jamaica’s flag high in promoting its black castor oil through her products is booking advertising space in the major media outlets.

“I believe if given the opportunity to reach a wider sector of the population, NBI would be able to not only expand its product line, but also become a key player in the natural hair and skin care market,” the confident statement coming from Randall.

Reaching out to others who are thinking of launching out into the deep as she did, the simple words she has for them is “do your research, believe in your brand and don’t compromise. Stay true to it!”


Cecelia Campbell- Livingston - Contributor
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston has over 20 years of journalism experience. Her career started as a writer for the now defunct Jamaica Record, before moving on to The Jamaica Herald/XNews. Later, she served as Coordinator for the teen publication, Teen Herald. In 2008 she joined the staff of the Jamaica Observer as an entertainment writer. Since December 2014, she has been the Clarendon correspondent for the Jamaica Gleaner.

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