Returned Resident, Lincoln Gordon, carves out a niche in Agro-Processing

Journey to Summerfield, Clarendon, and the sweet aroma of escallion, pepper, ginger and other natural herbs will tickle your nostrils. Located within the rural community among homes, is the producer of all-natural and authentic Jamaican products. Home to Lincoln Gordon and Sons, makers of some 32 products. The product line consists of a few unusual seasonings and sauces showcasing brand Jamaica such as turmeric ketchup and ginger-beet ketchup.

The business was established five years ago by Lincoln Gordon. He is a returned resident from London, England; a graduate of that country’s Loughborough University as well as a certified mechanical engineer. He and his sons have opened shop in the rural community which evolved out of a jerk centre business venture.

In July, Jamaica hosted the Jamaica Diaspora Conference. At the four-day event Jamaicans from across the globe were encouraged to do business in their homeland. Mr. Gordon is of a similar view.

“I’ve always had an underlying ambition to come back to my lovely Caribbean island and make a contribution. Jamaica is my home,” says Mr. Gordon.

While encouraging other Jamaicans to return home and set-up shop, he points out that the business environment is very challenging as there is room for environment for doing business in Jamaica.

Mr. Gordon equally adds that with a sound business plan centered on creativity and a determined attitude, one will survive. “Sometimes I am at a point I want to close down. But I am not about to give up, personally. To those who want to do business in Jamaica, do the due diligence and check out everything. Find out the plus and negative before getting into it. It can be rewarding but learn the learning curve. I would do the same thing again because I love my country,” advises Mr. Gordon.

Mr. Gordon believes it is the creativity and innovativeness that he and the team have applied to the company why they have lasted for the past five years. As a result of the uniqueness of his products, the brand’s customer base continues to grow. As some of his products are likely new initiatives to the Jamaican marketplace like turmeric ketchup and ginger-beet ketchup. There are seasonings such as ginger, curry powder, esscallion and thyme, dried scotch bonnet pepper, ginger, wet jerk sauce and others plus a range of teas including soursop, guinea hen root and ball moss; green banana and arrowroot porridges; and cassava flour.

“The market for the products is tremendous, both here and abroad,” he says. Then adds, “I see a lot of opportunities to be creative in Jamaica. The more creative you are the better you’ll be in Jamaica”.

With the increase in demand he has been able to increase the number of full-time workers. Currently, five persons are employed at the business as he “try to develop community”. With more persons employed along the value chain and as need arises other personnel are contracted.

Look out in your supermarket for Lincoln Gordon and Sons products, pick up an item or two to support this rural community business venture that is innovatively utilising local herbs while providing employment for community members.


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  1. Stanford Harper says:

    Good on you Mr. Gordon lets hope your business goes from strength to strength

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