Nancy Hylton Coleman looking to export Aunty Nancy’s products

Nancy Hylton Coleman has a dream, and despite the many challenges, she is determined to turn it into a reality.

Her products,  Aunty Nancy’s Ketch-it-up, Jerk-it-up, and BBQ-it-up pineapple spread are gradually making their way on the local shelves with Hylton Coleman now setting her sights on the international market.

A past student of Ebony Park Heart Academy in Tollgate, Clarendon, and ‘the oldest’ in her class, she earned the trust and respect of her fellow students due to her wonderful personality and natural self-confidence which drew them like a magnet.

Her entrepreneurial journey started shortly after she was told by a colleague that there was no way ketchup could be made from pineapple.

“I honestly like a challenge and it helped that I am not afraid to try new things. I prayed about the step I was about to take and then put my convictions to the test,” she told “It was a whole lot of praying as I sought inspiration from God while putting the ingredients together,” she reflected with a smile.

Her faith paid off, as the final product was a total “sell-off”!

Since then, she has attended several expos, private functions and wherever she gets the chance to showcase her products– the feedback is almost always the same– the patrons all enjoyed her products!

Aunty Nancy’s Products, with its flagship Pineapple Ketch-up can be used on almost any food. “It’s spicy ketchup, it has a gingery flavour that blends in with almost anything. You can use it on chicken, bread…well as I said almost anything,” she said with a laugh.

“My products are now in a few supermarkets, but my ultimate dream is to export them to the diaspora,” she said.

For Hylton Coleman, that next step is challenging, but she is determined to market her products internationally. “The overhead costs are a challenge and it is not easy establishing a distribution channel in the  Diaspora, but I am not one to give up easily,” she said. She added that she will not be daunted by the tasks ahead of her, but will, with the grace of God forge ahead until she accomplishes her goal.

For Nancy, and many other entrepreneurs, you may contact JAMPRO  for more information on getting your export-ready products to your international markets!



Cecelia Campbell- Livingston - Contributor
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston has over 20 years of journalism experience. Her career started as a writer for the now defunct Jamaica Record, before moving on to The Jamaica Herald/XNews. Later, she served as Coordinator for the teen publication, Teen Herald. In 2008 she joined the staff of the Jamaica Observer as an entertainment writer. Since December 2014, she has been the Clarendon correspondent for the Jamaica Gleaner.

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  2. Anthony says:

    How can I get in touch with Nancy or whomever is in charge of their marketing and promotions?
    I can be reached at : localdistrictjamaica @ gmail . com

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