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People migrate for better opportunities and life chances. Ironically, it is in leaving the island that one, at times realises that the best opportunities are at home. If you’re that individual, well, congratulations on deciding to move back to Jamaica. You may be wondering how to make the transition easy, and maybe you have children who are still in school, you’re looking for a job and a place to live all while trying to readjust and develop a new routine as soon as possible.

This guide will give you tips up to 18 months ahead of your move back home. We want you not only move home, but we like to help you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The First Step

Ideally, the process of laying roots back home begins long before you get on the plane. Decide on your timeline for moving to Jamaica. It could be six months or even six years from now, but your plan will help to shape a realistic plan of action.

The Planning Stage:18 months

List all the things you should do to prep for the move. Note that some of the challenges of returning home are the same as those experienced when moving abroad. However, do not overlook these difficulties due to the assumed familiarity of your homeland.

Where will I live? Where will I work? When will I pack my stuff? Which school will my kids attend? Will I have enough money? Ensure that you have answers to all those questions before you board the plane.

Early Inquiries:12 months

Save save save. Accumulating funds will assist in covering one-off expenses, and bridging the time until employment, after the move.

Get assistance. The fact that you’ll have to be handling and making preparations in another country, it is wise to correspond with a reliable, trustworthy friend/ family member who may act as a middle man in certain intervals of the repatriation process. One of the difficulties persons encounter is setting up a Jamaican bank account, that trustworthy friend/family member could open one in their name while you provide the cash for the account.

Shop around. It is best to search for houses to live, whether it be by renting or purchasing, giving yourself ample time to have more options. If you have kids, ensure to check the variety of schools available for them to attend. What is the job market like? The earlier you begin checking around the job market, the smoother the process will be. Your “middle man” will be of great assistance to you at this stage.

Nearly Home: 6 months

Confirmations. This an excellent time to confirm your choice of housing, whether to buy, lease or rent and find out the terms and conditions applied to that building. This is also a suitable time to choose the school you will want your child to attend. At the same time send out resumes for job prospects.


If you plan to get new furniture, check stores/online sites and compare prices, then set aside money to cover this expense, it can prove to be expensive.

Ask, research, compare. Find out the options for movers, ensure that the company you choose is a reputable one, check their insurance policies in the event that your furniture gets damaged in the process of moving.

Just Around the Corner: 3 months

Begin the process of choosing a bank and delivering the necessary paperwork before you move.  Ensure that all utilities are in place at your new home, electricity, water and internet and other services such as phone or cable TV.Let people know you’ll be moving and inform them if you wish, of your new address for mailing purposes.Buy your plane tickets months before a trip, to save on airfare and also to secure your seat especially during peak periods.Ship furniture to your new residence at this time, as these items usually take six weeks for delivery. They would then enter Customs for clearance before being moved to your home by the movers. Ensure to have a reliable family member or friend be present at the location when they are moving the items in the house, so they can check them and sign the receipt.

Countdown: 1 month

Arrange for personal records and medical records of yourself and family members to be transferred. Ensuring that the academic records are sent to the new school your child/children will be attending. Start packing up everything that will be of use to you and ship them to your new house. Have a yard sale to sell stuff you will not need and donate the rest to charity. Stock up on prescriptions which may be hard to get in Jamaica.Notify billing companies and necessary parties of the change in your address.

On the day of your repatriation

Congratulations again on your decision to move to Jamaica, by the end of this article you would have been totally prepared to move and enjoy a comfortable life on the island. Your kids will be in school; hopefully, you would have gotten a job, you also would have your finances secured in a local financial institution and your furniture and other belongings have already been placed in your new home.



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