Celebrations, Resolutions & Oh, Oh, Oh Compliance

‘Tis the season of celebrations, resolutions and heightened commercial activities and, of course, a time to wonder what else we could have done right.

As the saying goes, where there is life there is hope. By now, you are saying “yeah, I’ve heard that before”; but it still rings true whether you believe it or not. Life offers hope and allows us to look forward to a new year with a strategic outlook to correct our mistakes. In business, the opportunities are similar; however, it will take perseverance and proper aligning of business practices and principles to facilitate growth and development.

The season lends itself to resolution making, however, please ensure that the resolutions are realistic. Not realistic by emotions but from a practical standpoint. This is the point we should reflect on our granny’s principle of not hanging our hat where we can’t reach it. Let’s be real, don’t budget for a 10 per cent revenue increase when given market conditions dictates 2 per cent.

For business and company operators we strongly endorse you making compliance a part of your New Year’s resolution. We encourage you to renew that business licence, file that Annual Return, renew that certificate or make that payment. The joy of having a clean slate will be equally rewarding and sets you on a path to take advantage of any business opportunity that may be heading your way.

The beauty of compliance is having a clear conscience and not ducking anyone or agency to which you may be not be in good standing. You can take advantage of marketing and branding opportunities to establish and solidify your presence in the marketplace.

In this dynamic market, your presence could move from being a business or company with just years of operation under its belt or be the one to change the landscape of your respective sectors. First to market is not a bad idea, but a proper plan is even better. At least now you know where stage one stops and two begins. Remember the aim of the game is efficiency.

As we look forward to the celebrations, we, at the Companies Office of Jamaica encourage you to be safe, respect life, and be generous to your fellow citizens. A key reminder is that we are all humans first, followed by our achieved or inherited titles.

Enjoy and indulge responsibly and, yes, don’t forget the reason for the Season.

Have a great holiday from the Companies Office of Jamaica!


Companies Office of Jamaica - Contributor
The Companies Office of Jamaica is an Agency of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries with responsibility for the incorporation of Companies and registration of Business Names. The Agency is also the administrator of the National Security Interest in Personal Property registry. The COJ is located at 1 Grenada Way, Kingston 5.

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