Are You Thinking of Investing In Your First Home?

Investing in your home is always a wise financial decision. From an entrepreneurial stand-point, it truly is a buyer’s market and it is time to capitalize on the gaps in the market. There are many homes available on the market with competitive prices as the housing market tries to rebound on a slow trajectory. (

1. Owning A Home Provides You with Security

Buying a home provides you with a sense of accomplishment as your investment brings you closer to having your basic needs met. For many, a home symbolises a new beginning, you will no longer be paying rent but your mortgage brings you closer to having a title in your name. Starting early could mean a chance to own another home in your lifetime and establishing a real estate portfolio which you can leverage in your twilight years.

2. Real Estate Is An Excellent Investment!

Residential property is a profitable and worthwhile asset, rental income is an excellent way to service your mortgage, and maintain the home’s value. A disciplined approach to your mortgage could help you to have access to other means of financing and opportunities such a home equity loan to carry out repairs or even start a business.

Newer developments usually come outfitted with more modern amenities which are critical in maintaining value.

As a homeowner, you have the benefit of leveraging your investment and renting to persons who are interested in your property. If you are in a great location, coupled with a well-kept structure you can command higher rents. Real estate also increases in value year over year which proves valuable if you choose to resell. In diversifying your investment portfolio, think of locations which will not only communicate value immediately but will translate well over time, showing potential for development and expansion of the community. Over the years, WIHCON has delivered exceptional value for our home-owners. We provide unmatched designs and durable homes which serve families for a lifetime.

3. Maintain Your Home, Take Care of it.

Maintenance is critical in keeping your home structurally sound and preserving its value. Invest in good homeowners insurance and protect your home against the likelihood of damage due to a catastrophe. Many persons wait until it is too late and end up losing it all because they failed to mitigate against extreme circumstances. Invest with a company that will provide you with a Rolodex of service providers to help you maintain the value of your home, WIHCON provides advice and support through regular content offers and blogs relating to home-ownership and maintenance.

An experienced developer can help you anticipate routine maintenance. However, be prepared to take on small projects such as repairs to electrical work and roofing. As soon as any problem rear its head, nip it in the bud. Small problems overlooked can mushroom into major and costly projects as time passes.

The Jamaican dream is very diverse, why not add the benefits of home-ownership to your list of aspirations? There’s never been a better time than now!



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