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Exporter Services

Exporter Services

Let us lead you to global markets

Exporter Services

We know the world of export inside out. We also know that your business is unique and so too are your needs. We’ve therefore designed a comprehensive and targeted slate of services that will equip you to capitalise on opportunities in the global market while minimising risks and challenges.

Exporter Help

Market Intelligence Sharing

We’ll share available market information with you to enhance your decision making.


Customized Market Information

We’ll provide detailed responses to your specific information requests.


Buyer Recruitment

We’ll help you to connect with local and international buyers, including new investors.


Outward Trade Missions

We facilitate exporters’ participation in overseas trade shows and trade missions.

Inward Buyer Missions

We coordinate inward buyer missions to Jamaica where buyers are introduced to export-ready companies.


Targetted Business Development Support

We spearhead customised development programmes to address specific gaps in exporting companies.

Our Clients' Export Sales

• Goods production

Mining Clients’ Sales
(2018-2019) (USD)

Energy Clients’ Sales
(2018-2019) (USD)
• Manufacturing and agricultural

Agro-processing Clients’ Sales
(2021-2022) (USD)

Logistics Clients’ Sales
(2018-2019) (USD)

Manufacturing Clients’ Sales
(2018-2019) (USD)

Fresh Produce Clients’ Sales
(2021-2022) (USD)
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Total Clients’ Sales
(2018-2019) (USD)
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