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Export-Readiness Checker

Export-Readiness Checker

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Export Readiness Checker

Are you in tip-top shape to export your products and services across the globe? Our Export-Readiness Checker was engineered to tell you just that!

Whether you are a new exporter or an existing exporter, you know quite well that expanding into overseas markets can bring significant rewards, but it takes time, energy, commitment and money. We’ll help you figure it out.

Before You Start

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New Exporters

Helps new exporter to identify possible gaps before entering an overseas market.


Existing Exporters

Helps existing exporter to find some useful tips.



The export-readiness checker contains 48 questions and organized into eight sections.


Response Guide

Each question is to be answered [yes] or [no]:

  • Answering [yes] indicates that you have planned that aspect of the export.
  • Answering [no] indicates that you need to do some more work on that area to improve your readiness.

Check Your Export-Readiness

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