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Export Capacity Development Programme

Export Capacity Development Programme

Grow your business beyond borders

Export Capacity Development Programme

We are committed to leveraging global best practices to build your business’ capacity and competitiveness for global export markets.

Over the years, we’ve been the focal point for a number of export development programmes and are currently devoting our resources to the Export Max Programme and Castor Development Programme with the support of local and international partners.

Export Max Programme


Market Intelligence Sharing

Export Max is a 3-year programme geared towards providing focused capacity building, advocacy and market penetration support to exporters and export-ready firms. Our goal is to enable participating companies to be competitively positioned to take advantage of market opportunities and ultimately make a greater impact to the overall performance of the Jamaican economy.
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Customized Market Information

Export Max is currently in its third phase following an impressive achievement of Export Max II.

20 companies participated in the Export Max II programme.

They ranked in a whopping JMD $1.7 billion in export earnings, which represents an average 213% growth in sales.

The companies created 173 new jobs as a result of the increased business.

The companies generated $703 million in new investments.

14 of the participating companies benefited from a productivity improvement initiative.

Five of the companies secured contract manufacturing opportunities.
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