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Investor Services

Investor Services

Access valuable help, free of cost

We support our investors, every single step of the way

We take our investors seriously. Through our customized services we offer assistance from the project research (conceptualization) stage to implementation, free of cost.

At JAMPRO, our Project Implementation Department is responsible for working with key agencies to support local and foreign investors to secure various business approvals including:

  • Work permits
  • Non-tourist visas
  • Incentives
  • Appropriate permits/licenses
  • Building & development approvals

Our team makes the process simpler,  guiding you through the proper procedures and documentation, which helps to reduce transaction times for approval.

Investor Services

Market Intelligence Sharing

We’ll share customized market information with you


Site Selection Facilitation

We’ll assist you to identify and secure suitable locations for your business operations.

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Business and Building/ Development Approvals Facilitation

We’ll assist you to complete or submit documentation for required permits, licenses, waivers, certification, etc.


Business Matchmaking

We’ll connect you to companies with your business-related interest

Business Advocacy

We’ll advance lobby efforts to establish a competitive framework


Business Facilitation Meetings

We’ll convene meetings with relevant Business Facilitation Partners (BFPs) within the various ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

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