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We unearth bauxite, limestone and precious investment wins

Key Indicators

US$ 383

million tonnes

US$ 1.14


Jamaica’s discovery of high-grade bauxite in 1938 gave birth to our modern mining sector. Since then, companies from North America, Russia and China have established their bauxite mining and refining operations in the country.

Jamaica’s bauxite industry rose to become a global leading bauxite producer, just five years after the first bauxite shipment left the island in 1952 (Jamaica Bauxite Institute).

However, the country has diversified over the years with the emergence of non-metallic minerals such as limestone, silica sand, marble, marl and fill and clay. Today, we remain a top bauxite producing country with bauxite and alumina generating the most revenue for our Mining and Quarrying sector.

Our very experienced and highly competent cadre of professionals with expertise in construction, mapping, surveying, aerial photography and engineering, among other disciplines proudly drive our mining and quarrying sectors.

We Keep Growing

Growing Market Share

Jamaica has over 50 billion tonnes of proven limestone reserves and will continue to increase market share in this multi-billion-dollar global industry.

Growing Investments

Major industry players have made substantial investments in the mining sector in the past 50 years.


Growing Infrastructure

Build-out of infrastructural support for the mining and production of bauxite/alumina continues to grow.

We’re in Demand.

Proximity to Major Markets

Jamaica is close to lucrative international markets such as North America and Brazil.

Rich Mineral Endowments

We have abundant mineral resources skid resistant aggregate, such as limestone, bauxite, clay, shale and hard volcanic rocks.



Our marbles are characterised by vibrant colours, unique grains and outstanding beauty that make them ideal for luxurious and high-end applications.

High-Quality Limestone

We have some of the purest deposits of limestone in the world.


Convenient and Cost-effective Extraction

Our mineral deposits lie close to the surface, which makes for safe, cost-effective and efficient extraction.

Investment Interests

Jamaica’s mining sector continues to attract interest, Jiquan Iron and Steel Company (JISCO) recently invested US$299 million to takeover of the Alumina Partners of Jamaica.

Investment Opportunities

Limestone Value-added Production

Apply our enormous deposits of high quality and versatile limestone (98% CaCO3 high purity grade) to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and industrial industries.

Marble Deposits

Discover other marble deposits with high economic potential across the island.


Invest in the dimension stone industry.

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