Logistics and Infrastructure

We are uniquely connected to the World

Key Indicators


US$ 728



million tonnes






Jamaica’s logistics and infrastructure sectors are being hailed as driving sources for the country’s economic future.

While, we’ve always been focused on bolstering our rich transhipment history, the imminent expansion of the Panama Canal will not only cause a paradigm shift in world maritime trade, but will also see us benefiting from new and innovative commercial ventures.

In fact, we are actively and strategically planning to position ourselves as the fourth node in the international logistics chain, joining Rotterdam, Dubai and Singapore.

We Keep Growing

Growing Maritime Trade

Our movement of goods averages 22 million tonnes through maritime trade from ports across the island

Growing Air Terminals

The two main air transport terminals continue to grow alongside visitor arrivals annually.

Growing Port Capacity

The capacity of the Port of Kingston is approximately 3.4 million TEU per year.

Growing Berths

The Kingston Container Terminal can now accommodate post-Panamax vessels up to 12,000 TEUs.

We're in Demand!


Strategic Geographic Location

We are near major shipping lanes, trade and air routes to the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean.

Solid Infrastructure

We boast a well-developed transport and telecommunications infrastructure.

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Large, Trainable Workforce

We provide targeted training to adequately prepare our workforce. 


Investors Keep Coming

Over US$1 Billion in Port and Infrastructure Investments.

Electronic Single Window

We’ve laid the foundation for a fully integrated electronic trading system for Jamaica.

Training Support Infrastructure

We are home to the only International Maritime Organisation accredited institution in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Investment Opportunities

Transportation Network 718px X 603px -Formatted

Transportation Network

Highway for the Bypass of Montego Bay, St. James Logistics

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Kingston Logistics Park which encompasses a significant tract of land around the Port of Kingston.

Building Infrastructure 718px X 603px-Formatted

Building Infrastructure

The Caymanas Economic Zone, which will facilitate investment in light manufacturing, software development, financial services, distribution and value-added logistics.


  • Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, a part of the CMA CGM group, is pleased to be an
    example of both Jamaica’s commitment to public private partnerships and the country’s
    thrust to build a globally competitive logistics and maritime sector.
    We are confident in the future of this industry and will continue to work towards its
    development, in partnership with the Government of Jamaica.


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