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Jamaica is a creative hub and a cultural superpower! That’s why we have dedicated an entire sector to promote Jamaica’s unique film destinations and artistic flair through digital art and music.

Our Film, Animation and Music (FAM) sector is the third largest contributor to the island’s GDP. It also has a significant multiplier effect on the economy through its seamless linkages with other industries such as tourism and manufacturing.

When it comes to talent, our island is home to exceptional musicians, fine and performing artists and film professionals.

While music has traditionally been Jamaica’s most exportable creative product, the film and animation sectors demonstrate significant economic potential for the future. Our rustic countryside, majestic mountain ranges, white and black sand beaches, secret coves, dramatic cliffs, mini-jungles and historic edifices have made the country an ideal location for filming and creative projects since the early 1900s. In 2019, the high-profile James Bond movie was filmed on the Eastern end of the island- the home of the creator of the series, Ian Flemming.

Film Location Map

Jamaica has a variety of cities and towns, each with their own unique features, architecture and proximity to natural features, historic sites, great houses, waterfalls (and waterways) and cave systems.

Main cities and towns

Kingston, Spanish Town, Mandeville, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

Main tourism destinations

Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios feature white sand beaches, hotels, restaurants and other entertainment activities.

Historical cities

Port Royal, Spanish Town and Port Antonio date back to the period of the buccaneers and the colonial era.

Mountainous areas

Cockpit Country, Blue Mountains and Mandeville are mountainous with cool temperatures.

We Keep Growing

Growing Studios

The number of film and animation studios across the island continues to increase, serving clients both locally and internationally.

Growing Programmes

We’ve developed programmes aimed at enhancing film and animation in Jamaica such as JAFTA Propella,  Film Lab and the BOSS Programme.

Growing Talent Pool

An increasing number of graduates of new animation programmes are growing the industry.


Growing Industry

The Jamaica Film and Television Association is the main industry body of authority for film and television products.

Growing Support

The Jamaica Animation Nation Network supports training and development initiatives for the animation industry. 

We’re in Demand!


Rich Culture

We are internationally known for reggae music, dance, theatre, art and craft, cuisine, and colourful customs and traditions.

World-class Talent

Our talent pool is highly skilled and have experience working with major film, animation and music projects.


Beautiful Locations

Jamaica is gifted with beautiful and diverse locations.


Strong Business Linkages

We build and maintain strong business linkages with stakeholders from other sectors.

Investment Opportunities


Develop film and animation studios.


Produce movies and documentaries at beautiful and diverse locations.


Market and distribute film, animation and music productions.

Filming Guide

If you are planning a production in Jamaica, there are several things that you will need to consider for smooth processing. We’ll help you figure it out.


  • We filmed Caribbean’s Next Top Model, cycle 19, on location in
    Trelawny and Kingston, Jamaica. The landscape of Jamaica is as
    much a character, as her people, her culture and her pulse... Yes,
    Jamaica has her own rhythm that allows the essence of your story
    to come alive; each frame a postcard, each moment a memory...
    Once you go you know, and you will return to discover the rest of
    her beautiful mystery.
    Dionyse Fitzwilliam
    Caribbean’s Next Top Model
  • We came to Jamaica to recreate Kingston in the 1970s. We shot
    in original recording studios and a vinyl pressing factory, in Trench
    Town, by day and at night. We shot in the Blue Mountains and on
    Bob Marley Beach. Everywhere we went we were well looked after
    and greeted with smiles. Jamaica is spectacular and unique. It was
    a wonderful experience. I look forward to filming there again
    Alice Dawson Line Producer
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