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Foam Beads, the Future of Construction?

Caption: Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is changing the face of building technology. Photo credit:

So you have transferred your business idea to an established brand or you have been established for years and are now looking to take things to the next level, JAMPRO is your perfect fit.

Free Form, the producers of expandable polystyrene (EPS), a lightweight plastic made up of small, interconnected beads, and the base material used to fill bean bags, is one such company.

“This foam is used for various application. One example is the Portmore Highway where we used the expandable polystyrene as a geotechnical solution to the highway. The foam takes up space without adding weight…” explained Keith Edwards, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Free Form.

Edwards added that the Wyndham Hotel when refurbished included the use of polystyrene to clad the exterior of the building, which insulates the walls to make the building more energy efficient.

“The product is used for light weight concrete. The Spanish Chain hotels use a lot of our materials… We utilize a cost-effective EPS building system and provide EPS materials for property development and road rehabilitation… Insulated concrete buildings is the way to go especially in countries such as Jamaica where its tropical,” he added

Today, Free Form Factory offers its clientele a wide range of EPS products, including decorative mouldings, artistic works, coolers and insulation and maintains that JAMPRO played a crucial role and continues to play a crucial role in business match making; pairing clients with businesses.

Manager of Logistics and Infrastructure Sector, JAMPRO, Don Gittens said companies like Free Form has their niche but must continue to reinvent the wheel to remain relevant.

“For companies like Free Form with a different technique in the building industry they can look into warehousing for manufacturing, logistics and distribution…In the tourism sector we are looking at on another 3000- 5000 rooms coming on soon requiring those kinds of building technology,” said Gittens.

He was also sure to mention that the construction of homes and property can engage the use of this non-traditional form but more importantly he said there are several other areas.

“If someone needs a cold fridge done, or is into horticulture and need to transport and store those items, they can use this method,” Gittens highlighted.

Even though businesses stand out as a result of what they offer, Gittens said continuous efficient marketing is key.

“He (Keith Edwards, Free Form’s CEO) has to show that he stands out from the traditional builder, he needs to ensure that he can offer value proposition – offering something unique at a competitive price, safety building standards, doing the work at a competitive cost and in a short amount of time.”

Like Free Form, JAMPRO can be your trusted partner as you look to grow your business. After all, the organization takes very seriously its  mandate to improve the operational quality of local businesses and match them with those who are in need of their products and services.

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