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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival 2019

Coffee drink is not unusual. Its beans and espresso are easily found. Coffee-infused scrubs, clothes and also household items, those are more unknown. The value and potential of coffee grow sky-high beyond its common use. Throw in the mix the highly rated Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and the investment opportunity increases. For these reasons and more the Ministry of Tourism presents the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival.

The festival was first staged in 2018 and will return March 1 to 3, 2019. If you are not a coffee drinker but on the hunt for an investment opportunity, then you should add this festival to your calendar. The three day event will cover not only the limitless by-product offerings of the bean but also how persons may capitalise along the value chain.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, is pitching the festival as a bridge between consumers and producers. The Minister outlines that a key component of the festival is the Farmers Trade Day, which includes presentations and networking opportunities with industry stakeholders.

The Farmers Trade Show is scheduled for Friday, March 1 at the University of Technology, UTECH, in St. Andrew. Interested investors and growers will be engaged in business workshops on sustainable farming practices, the delicacy of the bean (including cupping), and building the capacity of coffee-infused ventures.

“Coffee has the potential to become a commodity that can change communities through linkages with tourism. While Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is our value proposition, we must work together to build a sustainable coffee sector with a multiplier effect that creates more jobs, businesses and revenue for rural communities and beyond,” affirms Mr. Bartlett.

Tourism data shows that some 70 countries utilise coffee and it is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Twin that with the effect of indigenous foods on the palate of visitors. Business opportunities are bound to open up.

“I firmly believe that we should push our creativity by using 100 percent of the coffee berry, instead of the 20 percent now used in coffee production. This will allow us to increase the earning potential from this very important niche industry. It will also allow for the development of a retail market for coffee by-products, and could leverage our health and wellness market by incorporating it in locally made spa products,” reasons Minister Bartlett.

The big ticket day for the public is Saturday, March 2. Dubbed the Festival Marketplace, all activities will be held at Newcastle. Nestled in the cool hills of the Blue Mountains, the historic Newcastle is the Training Depot for the country’s military. It will form the backdrop for a showcase of coffee, coffee-infused products, barista and culinary demonstrations, and crafts by local artisans.

Last year, the Festival Marketplace pulled out more than 1,100 patrons sampling and viewing exhibits from 37 booth holders and 64 farmers of all things coffee. Coffee soaps, scrubs, food, plants are all expected to return along with additional products of bean.

If that is still not sufficient to lure patrons, Saturday’s Festival Marketplace also will consist of an entertainment package. Reggae veteran, Freddie McGregor and the fast rising rootsy singer, Sevana are among the acts booked to perform at the event.

On Sunday, the final day of the festival, labelled The Culinary Trail Experience will be a treat for food lovers. Patrons have the opportunity to dine at 14 restaurants which are featured along the Blue Mountain Culinary Trail. Restaurants and eateries offering delectable Jamaican dishes with a few cooking-up coffee incorporated meals.

Do not hear about it. Go for yourself and see the viability of Jamaica’s world renowned coffee. A great opportunity for the country to broaden Brand Jamaica by bringing more people to the destination to indulge and then feel the need to return to enjoy our premium coffee and its by-products. An investment opportunity awaits you.

For more information on ticket prices, registration details and shuttle services to the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival visit  here .

Shelly-Ann Thompson- Blog Contributor

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