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Four Reasons New Construction Homes Are A Good Investment

Buying a home can be a very big investment. When you invest in one you are also investing in your freedom and independence. But when buying your first, next, or your second home, new construction is the way to go if you want a move-in ready home that is newer and up-to-date.

  1. New Construction is on the Rise!

New construction homes are best suited for people who are looking to buy and move into their new home immediately. Turn-key homes are usually new developments where you and your neighbours will help to write its history, that is why WIHCON has been building new communities, giving each person a chance to own their own home. For more than 50 years, they have been building homes for Jamaicans living on the rock and abroad, because we see the value of new construction houses for home buyers. WIHCON homes have been meeting the demands of so many people who desire move-in ready houses. Thousands of families in up and coming areas like Portmore have benefited from WIHCON houses and the boom in new construction has only just begun!  

  1. Up-To-Date and Up-to-Code!

Turn-key homes are more structurally sound since home builders like WIHCON use the most up-to-date codes for building, so you can be sure that your floors, foundations, walls and so on are sturdy and ready for a lifetime of memories for you and your family. And guess what? Since turn-key home constructors use the latest building codes in Jamaica, there is less use of outdated materials, like asbestos pipes, lead-based paints or lead pipes, making your home safer and more comfortable.

  1. You Benefit from Modern and Contemporary Design.

Turn-key homes seldom need immediate repairs and are fully outfitted with modern designs, energy efficient technologies, and top of the line appliances – open concept rooms, solar water heaters, stainless steel kitchen equipment, up-to-date bathroom fixtures and the list goes on. These homes also have updated and more often than not, top of the line electrical and plumbing systems, to keep you “on-the-grid” and comfortable for years to come. All of these are standard when you are purchasing from a developer with the expertise to ensure you are pleased with your new home.

  1. Fixer Uppers Can Be Challenging!

New construction homes come with warranties and the peace of mind you need to live contentedly since you won’t have all the problems that come with fixer upper properties – and there are so many. Unless you are ready to live in a construction zone after buying your new home, or paying mortgage and rent until the repairs and renovations are over, a fixer upper may not be a good idea for you. Fixer upper houses come with a host of unforeseen expenses – even after a home inspection – and a long list of projects you will have to undertake to get the home of your dreams. Not to mention the number of “invisible repairs”, like plumbing, electrical and foundation repairs that you won’t see upfront. Also, financial and lending institutions are more ready to help you achieve your home goals if you are buying a newer property.

If buying a home is on your list of to-dos, then consider buying a new construction home and moving in with ease versus buying the headache that can be a fixer-upper property. With WIHCON you can get the home of your dreams with ease from locations all over the island. Choose your home with us today!

Explore New Beginnings at The Lofts! Located on Arthur Wint Drive, the Lofts are the perfect fit for investors and families alike. Contact us for more information 1 876 754-7008.

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