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Boost Work Productivity in 2017 with Wellness

Being frazzled, exhausted and stressed doesn’t help you live a productive life! As a matter of fact, it actually leads to decreased output at work and poor decision-making.

At Starfish we believe that when you feel strong, balanced, well-rested and calm, you’re able to function at your best capacity and be a rock-star at work. Our products are made to improve wellness and help our customers live their best lives.

Here are three wellness practices we suggest for making 2017 your most productive year yet.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP – According to Arianna Huffington, the former editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post who now heads up corporate wellness outfit Thrive Global, getting seven to nine hours of sleep and incorporating wellness practices into your routine radically boosts productivity. One study revealed that within one year, a company was able to reduce employee healthcare costs by 7%, while employee productivity increased by 62 minutes.

Essential oil of lavender helps you sleep. Starfish’s Peace Oil is a mix of lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Burn our Peace Oil in a diffuser or sprinkle a few drops of it on your pillow, and you’ll be sure to fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly, feel refreshed in the morning and go on to have a super-productive day

MEDITATE OR TAKE QUIET TIME – Oprah and Deepak Chopra are meditation gurus, encouraging the world to carve out at least 10 minutes a day to meditate or take some solo quiet time. Meditation has been found to boost work productivity by helping to recharge the brain and mind, boost energy levels, clear mental clutter, release stress and enhance creativity.

Lighting a candle that is infused with an essential oil aroma you love, will help you to get settled in your meditation practice. Our Starfish Tranquility Candle, for example, includes soothing scents of orange blossom and ylang-ylang, and helps calms the mind for meditation. If you’re having trouble concentrating while meditating, focusing the eyes on the candle’s flame is a simple way to sit still and clear the mind.  

GET A MASSAGE – We all know that work can cause fatigue and tension. That’s why for many, a weekly or monthly massage session is crucial to maintaining their productivity at work. A massage is a great way to reduce stress and alleviate tension stored in the body. Other benefits of a massage include improving mental attitude and increasing positivity and mental alertness.

Using pure, all natural oil blends for your massage has the added benefit of removing toxins through the skin’s surface. Starfish body oils contain essential oils that heighten the stress relieving benefits of a massage and lead to improved overall mental and physical health.

Undoubtedly, good health and happiness are the basis of a well-rounded, successful work life. Make 2017 the year you finally achieve the balance you deserve!  


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