Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee- Beloved by Bond!

Photo caption: James Bond, in the novel, is a coffee lover, specifically Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

There’s a buzz in Jamaica as James Bond has returned home!

You might already know that Jamaica was the art haven of Ian Flemming, creator of the world-famous James Bond novels and short stories which inspired the films. You might even be aware that he penned the intriguing James Bond stories at his picturesque and calming GoldenEye home in St. Mary, Jamaica.

What is however not well known, is that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee was Fleming’s favourite java. The author, banker, military man and journalist who wrote his first Bond series at age 43, is quoted to have said, “Blue Mountain Coffee- the most delicious in the world” in his novel, “Live and Let Die”.

The fact that Fleming, a British native aristocrat, was compelled to include Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in his script is proof of the brand’s top quality.

The aromatic coffee beans grown in the blue hues of the Blue Mountain produce a bold, yet gentle flavour which whets the palate smoothly. Its rich after-taste, sweet flowery taste and mild acidity make it a sip above the rest. In fact, many coffee connoisseurs have arguably tied its unique flavour profile to its geographic and climatic conditions.

The growing demand for specialty coffee brands across the globe makes Jamaica Blue Mountain a top-shelf commodity for trade and investment. Coffee drinkers are increasing, particularly in markets such as China. The demand for specialty coffees and single-serve methods are equally steaming in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Coffee shops, coffee bars, coffee houses and cafes are brewing steadily within every corner of the world and consumers are becoming more willing to pay higher prices for premium coffee brands. It’s within this global context that the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is increasingly cementing its place in the hearts of coffee consumers.

In an effort to bring the brand within closer reach of global coffee lovers, it’s vital that Jamaica capitalise on the existing high demand for Blue and High Mountain Coffee internationally.  To this end, the  Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is embarking on several initiatives. Most recently, the organization partnered with eight Jamaican coffee manufactures and participated in the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, U.S.A.  This export promotion mission aimed to boost international business for local coffee growers and manufacturers.

This forms part of the five-year strategic plan to bolster the promotion, production and export of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. With the goal to stimulate the consumption of JBM Coffee among millennials worldwide and increase the production of a range of value-added products, the time is right to capitalise on the Blue Mountain brand. Click here to find out more about current and upcoming investment opportunity in the coffee industry.

The participating Jamaican coffee companies in the Specialty Coffee Expo were: Blue Mountain Coffee Ventures, Clifton Mount Coffee Estate and Clydesdale, Country Traders, Jamaica Coffee Corporation (Stoneleigh Coffee), Jamaica Standard Products, Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, Wallenford Coffee Company and Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory.



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